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More ways to send your email newsletters

Advantage mailer has a fully integrated email newsletter template system built in. For users who prefer to send out marketing emails using alternative methods, we offer the following solutions:

Email a webpage

Email a webpage You might have done most of the work to create a page that you're happy with, maybe one that displays current special offers or your latest news. Instead of entering your data twice - once into your website and once into advantage mailer, you can simply enter the webpage address into advantage mailer and the page will be emailed automatically for you. You can even add special tags into your webpage to allow advantage mailer to email only a specific part of your webpage. Template tips >>

Send directly from your PC

Send emails directly from your PC Once you've created an account on advantage mailer, we'll give you a special email address to use that will allow you to send emails to your mailing list directly from your own computer. Compose your marketing email in your favourite email client software - e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird etc and send your email newsletter to your special email address. We'll send you an email confimation before your emails all go to make sure you're happy with the marketing email that will get sent.
You can even use this feature to send email attachments directly from Office software - e.g. Microsoft Word. Advantage mailer can then create a PDF attachment of your document and send it to your mailing list.

Using our Internet Explorer Accelerator

Send emails with our IE Accelerator Advantage mailer have created an Internet Explorer that allows you to send a marketing email uusing any part of a webpage directly from within Internet Explorer. Once installed, you can drag your mouse cursor over any part of a webpage, and click to start sending your email newsletters.
Please note you must have full permission to send any content, certain page elements such as Javascript, Flash etc will not be visible in your email newsletter.
Install the Accelerator >>