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Restricted newsletter templates

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Restricted newsletter templates

Advantage mailer features 2 different types of email newsletter templates:

  • Unrestricted templates
    Unrestricted templates are email newsletter templates that can be edited by the user before sending out your email newsletter. Any part of the template can be edited, and any part of the design can be amended, giving you complete control over how your email newsletter looks.
    Note: when you create a new email newsletter campaign, a copy of your template is used to ensure that any changes are not written over into your actual template, so that next time you come to use your templates, the template is left how you designed it.

  • Restricted templates
    Restricted templates are newsletter templates that can only be edited in certain ways. You can choose which parts of your template you want to be edited before sending out your email newsletter, including what text and images to upload, and any formatting that is automatically applied to your template.
    Restricted templates are ideal for those who want strict control over the look of the final newsletter, ensuring that to much poorly formatted text or oversized images don't spoil the final newsletters.
    Restricted templates are ideal for designers who want to separate the design of the newsletter from the content that will be edited by the author who sends out the newsletter.

Advantage mailer features a built in coding language to help you create restricted templates, allowing you to specify where to place text and images, whether or not to allow text to be formatted using the WYSIWYG editor, and whether or not to resize images to fit into your email newsletters.

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