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Goal tracking

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Goal tracking

Advantage mailer features built in goal tracking to allow you to track the return-on-investment (ROI) of your email newsletters. A goal can be anything from tracking a purchase from your customers, a web page visit or an enquiry form submission.

ROI tracking is achieved by installing a small piece of javascript code on your own website's 'goal' page - this could be your purchase receipt page or another 'thank-you' page that your website visitors would see after performing an action on your website.

When one of your email newsletter recipients clicks on a link on your website, a small cookie is placed on their browser - a cookie is an unobtrusive piece of code that the web browser can use later to remember that the visitor clicked through via your email newsletter. Our javascript code can then track the visitor and log them against your email newsletter along with any goal value (e.g. the value of the customers purchase) so you can see how successful your email newsletters are.

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